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Pule Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd was founded in 2016, our company always regards product quality as its lifeline.
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As an important Graphite Product manufacturer & exporter, HAITENG new materials has been in graphite area more than 10 years. We are committed to produce and supply international standard product, provide the best service and solution, enhance productivity and reduce cost for customers.

Our products include Graphite Electrode, Graphite Crucible, Graphite Mold, Graphite Block, Graphite Rotor, Graphite Plate etc. , and are widely used in Steel smelting, Metal Smelting & Casting, Vacuum High Temperature Furnace, Photovoltaic and Chemical industry.

Until now we have exported our products to more than 30 countries of the world. The encouragement from our customer’s trust let us increase the production capacity and keep competitive. All stuff of Hebei Haiteng will take our best to build win-win cooperation with you.


 Hebei Haiteng New Material Technology Co. LTD
 Hebei Haiteng New Material Technology Co. LTD

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Knowledge Answers about Graphite Electrode Related Products.

Graphite Electrodes Production Process

1.Raw Materials 

HAITENG new materials takes the high-quality needle calcined coke as the production materials of graphite electrode.   

2.Intermediate Crushing & Sieving 

The needle coke is crushed in the mechanical equipment and sieved, and then, subjected to the burdening proportionally according to the formula.     


The raw materials subjected to the burdening are heated and kneaded together with a certain proportion of pitch, to prepare the plastic thickener. 


The kneaded thickener is pressed after cooling to the process temperature, and subjected to the compression molding according to the product requirement and specification. 


In the calciner, the "green" electrode is calcined to the specified temperature according to the process requirement, and the calcined products are impregnated with the special impregnating pitch according to the specific process, to improve the density and mechanical strength of the products; and then, the impregnated products are repeatedly calcined to improve the product performance.   


The products calcined twice are powered on in the electric resistance furnace for graphitization for heating up to 3000℃, so that the carbon atom structure is rearranged into the specific crystalline form, and the carbon is converted to the graphite.   

Abnormal Electrode Usage Cases Analysis

We have summarized the "Graphite Electrodes Usage Instructions" according to many years of hands-on experiences and peer-related literature, for customers reference during installation and usage, and meanwhile, based on the exchanges with customers over years, we have summed up and analyzed the common abnormal problems during graphite electrodes usage, to form this manual of abnormal cases analysis in graphite electrodes use, for customers reference.

Common exception solutions:
Electrode Selection
Electrode Turns Red
Phase Sequence Effect
Electrode Loose
Electrode Often Break
Furnace Cover Slagging
Installation Over Tight
Breaks On LF Furnace
Nipple Damage
Molten Steel Reladling
Electrode Over-Consumption
Electrode Consumption Raising
Hot Metal Supply Drop
Electrode Tripping
In 2003, a factory introduced a second-hand 150 t LF (electric arc furnace). Equipped with 25MVA, 43KA transformer, which can overload 20%. UHP φ350 electrode was selected. Although the current was limited to 36KA, the electrodes at home and abroad were often broken during usage, and it was difficult to heat up technically. 
After careful calculation and comparison, in March 2004 we suggested the factory Technology Section to use UHP φ450 electrode.
In October 2005, this factory claimed that: it prepares to use UHP φ400 electrode. 
In October 2006, we were invited to attend the LF furnace analysis meeting held by this factory. We were required to make a speech on the meeting, and we spoke in our suggestions: "Using UHP φ450 electrode instead of UHP φ350 electrode can make the equipments matching, thereby achieving the purpose of heating up and heat preservation." Through investigation, in September 2007, this factory finally decided to change the electrode to UHP graphite electrode φ450 after comparative survey.
Abnormal Problems Summarization
The above problems are encountered by us during the use of electrodes for years. We simply describe several solutions proposed. The graphite electrode has continuous consumption and discontinuous consumption during the use, and from manufacturing to the complete use of the electrode, it involves user operation, quality of raw material, production process and many other problems, besides its manufacturing design, therefore, for the problems during the use of graphite electrode, the user shall solve them by negotiating with the manufacturer, so as to eliminate the barriers as soon as possible, and normally put into operation as early as possible. Meanwhile, the exchange with the peers is also an important way to solve the problems. The above cases are typical cases to solve the actual problems through collaboration. Thanks the users for support, cooperation and help during our investigation. We 
have a professional technical service & after-sales team. If you encounter problems during the use of graphite electrode, you can directly contact us, we will provide you with the first time solution.

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Until now we have exported our products to more than 30 countries of the world. The encouragement from our customer’s trust let us increase the production capacity and keep competitive. All stuff of Hebei Haiteng will take our best to build win-win cooperation with you.

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